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Charlie Boss

  My name is Charlie Boss and I've been taking pictures since 2014. I want to allow the world around me to tell its own story in my photographs. I try to capture things as they truly are, because I want my photographs to show things the way they truly are.

  I like to shoot film because of the physical interaction with the medium, and knowing that my images are rooted in the physical world instead of living solely as digital files on a computer. I like the way that shooting film makes you think about the photo you're about to take just a little bit more then the unrestrained digital camera, and film keeps you in the moment while you shoot because your not sitting and sifting through the photos you've already taken when you should have your head up and paying attention.

  My favorite cameras tend to be Minoltas, for no other reason than they were some of my first film cameras and I built up a nice interchangeable lens collection for the two bodies I have, the X-570 and X-370. I shoot a lot of black and white film, usually Ilford HP5+ or Kodak Tri-X 400, because I can process it at my home darkroom, but for color I usually favor Kodak Portra 400 or Gold 200.

  Some of my favorite film photographers include the likes of Paul Strand, Andre Kertesz, and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

  I have a website ( and my Instagram is @chajbo if you want to see more photos. Thanks for looking!

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