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Dylan Crain

I've been shooting film 3 years. My style is all over the place. I shoot any and everything that I find interesting. This could range from a pretty flower to a discarded piece of trash that just happens to catch the light just right. But my favorite thing about photography is showcasing the beauty found in everyday objects that most people pass by without noticing. 


I love film for many reasons. But chief of those reasons is the unexpected imperfections. Whether it’s light leaks, grain, first of the roll partial frames, or the variations brought about when shooting expired film, its all added character to me. 


My favorite camera is the Minolta XD5 for the simple reason that it was passed down to me from my Mom, who recently passed away. To be shooting with her camera and lenses has brought me a much needed connection to her as I learn to navigate life without her presence.


My favorite film is Psychedelic Blues #4. As a fan of experimental films I’ve found this by far to be the most consistently beautiful film. I love the randomness of each frame. I love only having half of an idea of how my shots will turn out. 


Some film photographers that I admire are Brae Hunziker, Willem Verbeeck, Jonathan Paragas, and Corey Wolfenbarger 


My social media account on Instagram is @crainseye 

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