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Harrison Street 

My name is Harrison Street and I have been shooting film for almost 2 months. I am a electronics technician who also restores vintage pianos. I am fascinated by the electronics and mechanics of vintage instruments. In a piano, there are so many small working parts that function together to make the instrument whole. Old analog film cameras peak my interest in the same way. The mechanics of a vintage camera are beautiful, and the images they capture reflect that.


I found a Pentax K1000 on Craigslist with a broken light meter, repaired it, and have been shooting film just about every weekend since. I have been using Kodak Tri-x and Kodak UltraMax so far, but plan on experimenting with long exposure using Portra 800 next.

I enjoy exploring and spending time outdoors, so I am drawn to nature and abandoned or desolate areas when I want to take shots. I have been interested in film photography since my Tumblr days long ago. More recently I get my inspiration from photographers on Instagram.


Some of my favorites photographers handles are @henrifilm, @mike.vhs, @mikeyhyams, and @goldmoony. You will find a lot of nighttime, nature, and urban shots from these people. I don’t have a website or portfolio yet, but if anyone is interested in seeing more of my work. I often post favorites to my Instagram -> @_millenialfalcon. Thanks!

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